How you can correctly make use of penis extenders ?


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In this article we research for you again a very important matter about ” How you can correctly make use of penis extenders “. If you have got one or just want to know “ how to work ”, we suggest you to keep on reading this very useful article till end of it.

Correct utilization – Optimum advantages

penis extender device How you can correctly make use of penis extenders ?The actual stretcher is really a small device, that you simply put on your penis while it is flaccid state. Generally, it may be put on below clothing and it is not really noticeable. While you are putting on this, it progressively extends your penis.

The result is comparable to weight lifting to promote muscle mass development. The tissues composing the penis stretch and grow. This particular leads to an increase within each girth and length.

The next step-by-step manual, tips as well as basic safety guidelines will help you to make your own manhood stretcher wearing encounter much more comfortable, simple as well as risk-free.

How to wear the penis extender ?

Here you can see – A step-by-step approach about ” How to wear the penis extender ” .

3006 150x150 How you can correctly make use of penis extenders ?Help to make your penis within semi-erect condition (1/2 or even 3/4 assemble) as well as dried out.

Insert your penis through the base ring of the device (a plastic ring is securely fastened to the base of the penis, whilst a more flexible silicone ring is placed on the head).

• Strap the soft comfort pad into the device and pull the loop down carefully until the head is secure;

• Adjust the tension level (traction) of the device. Two bars run the length of the penis shaft, which can be adjusted to suit the desired tension i. e. you can increase the tension on the extender by turning the knurled knobs toward your penis.

• Basically, you need to attach the penis extender to the end of your penis. Once placed, you can then adjust the brace to PULL or stretch out the penis.

Remember, a penis extender works best under loose fitting shorts or sweat pants, and ideally aimed downward. If you had a job that involved standing (i. e., manufacturing) and/or wearing coveralls, you could probably wear the extender at work.

Time & frequency for the use of penis extender

man who uses penis extender 148x150 How you can correctly make use of penis extenders ?To achieve the desired effect, the extender should be worn at least 5-8 hours a day. Most sex experts recommend that, ideally, the extender device should be worn on the penis for up to 8 hours a day. However, that is not always possible for most men who have a busy work and social life.

Therefore, you can use the device for a few hours a day if necessary (although the results will take that little bit longer). Ideally, however, you should put it on for 2 hour increments and then take it off for 15 minutes for a total wear time of 8 hours per day.

It is important to remember that while the benefits are to some extent proportional to the time the device is worn; it is still possible to see gains even if the extender is used for lesser time.

How to stop using the penis extender?

Once you have gained the desired results in length and thickness, you can always stop using the device. However, this should be done gradually so as to avoid any discomfort and to retain the results.

For example, if you used the penis extender for 6 hours during your treatment, you should do it by using first for 4 hours the whole week then 2 hours in the following week and finally 1 hour daily on the last week before stopping. After this period, you should use it 1 hour twice a week for about 2 or 3 weeks and then finally stop.

This way you maintain with no retraction on the girth or width of your longer and thicker penis.

Safety tips

• It is very important that the penis extender you choose has a comfort strap included or it could be very painful for you to wear it.

• Ensure that the straps are not too tight, but tight enough so that your penis does not slide out. The tension placed by extending the rods out can give your penis a feeling of slight discomfort, but should not be painful.

ph1 150x150 How you can correctly make use of penis extenders ?• Do not use more than four hours (divided in several shorter sessions) per day in the beginning. Once you get used to it, you can wear it up to 6 hours. It’s good to take 1 to 2 hour breaks in between use.

• A penis extender at night can get snarled in the sheets or covers when you are sleeping and might even bring you some accidental injury. Therefore, it is best to use the extender during the day, with your careful supervision.

• Take one day off each week for maximum effectiveness helps the penis heal much faster.

• To maximize and speed-up your gain, you should also take a multivitamin and quit smoking or any other addiction.

Some even recommend applying vitamin e oil to the penis after the day is done and massaging the penis every time you take it out of the extender device.

People are urged to wear loose fitting pants, if they must wear pants at all, while using the penis extender. In rare cases, red sores may appear on the skin of the penis, and they are typically a sign of too much stretching. In such case, you should remove the device and wait until the sores go away. (This usually takes only a few minutes).


Last but not least, when it comes to buying the penis extender for regular use, you should choose the most reliable device available, extremely well built, durable and capable of providing accurate traction levels. This will not only yield fruitful results but will also keep you safe from any side effects or injury.

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